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About Us

Any home improvement project is going to add value to your property, but some certainly stand out in comparison to others. Decks are among those above-and-beyond types of feats, and at Custom Decks Inc., those happen to be our specialty. Our team can help you design an outdoor area capable of not only generating a significant return on your investment, but expanding your living space far beyond the interior confines of your home.

Whether you’re planning something from the ground up or hoping to spruce up the deck you already have, we have the experience to make your visions a reality. We also offer options compatible with practically any budget, so a project like this could be more affordable than you realize. From creating a summer haven to building a multi-functional space for year-round enjoyment, your possibilities are endless.

Make the Most of what Denver has to Offer

From around mid spring to early autumn, we have ample opportunities to take advantage of gorgeous sunny days; of course, these depend largely on your idea of the perfect temperature for outdoor indulgence. Adding a small, simple deck will give you a nice area for sitting in the sun and inviting friends over for evening barbecues, but why not go bigger? We can build in a separate space for your grill or incorporate an entire outdoor kitchen and dining area.

Can you picture it? Your deck could be equipped with a fridge, sink, complete set of cabinets, gas range, smoker, grill, granite countertops and your choice of dining furniture all covered just in case Mother Nature tries to rain out your dinner party. Sure, the neighbors will be green with envy, but you can invite them over for a gourmet meal as a common courtesy.

Frigid temperatures aside, winters here are equally spectacular, and you don’t have to let the cold keep you from enjoying your deck. Consider an enclosure for a breakfast nook, hot tub, infinity pool or any other element you’d like to add. Thanks to today’s technology and our know-how, windows now allow you to see as much of the outdoors as you want while giving you the option to block out the outside world. We can install windows with simple electronic shades or take it to the next level with panes allowing you to switch from clear to tinted or opaque at the touch of a button.

Choose from an Array of Materials

We pride ourselves on using only top quality products in our construction efforts, so your finished deck is as durable as it is awe-inspiring. Wood is a classic option with a vast selection of varieties for making your deck as rustic or elegant as you desire. Pine, redwood and cedar are popular less expensive options, but mahogany, ipe and teak tend to last a bit longer.

Though wood is stunning and extremely versatile, it’s going to require some level of upkeep regardless of the type you choose. Our composite material is a synthetic alternative relatively new to the market. It’s designed to resemble wood, but it requires little more than an occasional pressure washing in the way of maintenance.

Although traditional wood varieties are the least expensive of materials, the cost of maintenance could outweigh the initial price. Composite decking is virtually maintenance-free, yet it’s more costly up front. Exotic hardwoods fall somewhere in the middle where price is concerned depending on your species of choice; still, they’ll need some TLC from time to time.

From Thought to Tangibility, Creating Your Deck is a Joint Effort

At Custom Deck Inc., we offer complete flexibility when it comes to creating the deck of your dreams. We’re also ready and willing to offer advice at any time. Combine your ideas with our design and construction skills as well as our industry experience, and together, we make an unstoppable team. We’re dedicated to providing outstanding service from first contact to follow-up support.

We guarantee our work, and the benefit of our experience is always free to our clients. If you want a small space to enjoy quiet summer evenings, we can accommodate. In the event you’re looking for the ultimate outdoor entertainment area with a full sound system, theater, fully functional kitchen, built-in fire pit and enclosed hot tub, we cater to projects of this scale, too.

“Custom” is the key word here, and we take this aspect to heart. We want your deck to directly reflect your style and personality as much as it represents our craftsmanship and commitment to client satisfaction. You don’t have to visit a local restaurant or bed and breakfast to enjoy the breathtaking surroundings of Denver. Take advantage of all the area has to offer from the comfort of your new deck.


Call us at (303) 351-3325 or fill out the form we’ve provided here on our website to schedule a free consultation. Let us help you maximize your living space as well as your time outdoors.