Deck Framing & Drainage Denver

Decks are a valuable outdoor living space that make it easy to relax and entertain. What many people are discovering is that some decks are able to provide not just one extra outdoor space, but two. The room underneath some decks is large enough to create an additional shaded area that can also be decorated and enjoyed. The one problem is that these lower spaces have often been too damp due to drainage from the deck above to use comfortably. This has left them to be neglected or used for storage. Luckily, there are deck drainage solutions that eliminate excess water and make it possible to use this space sensibly.

Solid Deck Framing

Elevated decks, especially those that have an additional entertaining area beneath them, need to be secure. This involves spending a little extra time and money on the framing. Steel deck framing will create a solid and level base that will be able to withstand the weight of family barbecues in the summer and snow pack in the winter. Our elevated decks include a triple coated steel framing system that provides the strength necessary for safety. In addition, fewer posts are needed with this system because the spans are longer, so the decks are able to be more open and provide a better view. These beams are guaranteed to never warp, unlike wood, so the deck will remain level and flat.

Deck Drainage Solutions

Even homes with gutters and downspouts installed on the house will still have a large amount of drainage coming through the individual slats on the deck. This is from rain and snow that hits the deck as well as the occasional spilled drink or leaking potted plant. A deck drainage system addresses the water issue and diverts all of the water away from the underside of the deck. With a system that includes gutters and troughs, the patio beneath the deck will be a secure and dry area that will make it possible for the party or barbecue to continue even when a surprise rainstorm hits. We also offer a convenient solution for water diversion which can be combined with the elevated framing system or added to an existing deck. The secure system is water tight and makes it safe enough for lighting and electrical outlets to be added beneath the deck. When the system is fully in place and all utilities are added, a ceiling can be installed to give the patio an appealing, finished appearance.

In small backyards the addition of this type of outdoor space is not only great for use by the family living in the home, but is also a valuable bonus piece of land. Making this frequently wasted area into something attractive and functional can easily boost the value of the home. In houses where the deck is visible from the road, this is a beautifying touch that will instantly add curb appeal. To learn more about designing an elevated deck or to transform an old deck into something a little more exciting and functional, contact Custom Decks in Denver to explore all of the possibilities.

The Benefit of Experience

When homeowners look for a company to design and build decks, they look for one that is trusted by their neighbors and friends. To earn this trust, a deck builder must provide superior service. Only the most experienced companies are able to impress their customers so much they’re happy to refer their friends. Cost is also typically an important factor when embarking on a large home project like this. The designers at Custom Decks Inc. can give you a complimentary initial estimate so you can plan your budget for your new deck. You might just be surprised by how affordable adding a beautiful deck to your home can be.

Because of the commitment to make every customer satisfied, our work is guaranteed. Our deck builders have years of experience building all different sizes and styles of outdoor living spaces. You won’t have to limit your deck to the options in a builder’s portfolio. Your only limit is the available space and your imagination. If you want a feature that you don’t think will fit within your property limits, talk to the designer. It’s possible there are ways to fit in that feature into the design. Simply ask to see the before and after images of some of our work or drive around to get an up-close look at some of the decks we’ve created.