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Outdoor Furniture and Storage

Deck Furniture should be attractive and comfortable to use. It should also be sturdy and easy to clean and maintain. People who spend the time and money to create an attractive outdoor living space want the time to enjoy using it. When purchasing deck furniture, there are some good choices at affordable prices. During the warm weather seasons, enjoy relaxing and entertaining in beautiful outdoor spaces furnished with deck furniture made of our durable composite material.

What is Our Composite Material?

This material is man-made Polywood, a high-density polyethylene or HDPE. This excellent composite building material is made from recycled plastic milk jugs. The resulting furniture is weather resistant and not damaged by corrosive substances, insects, oil, fuels, fungi, or salt spray. Other types of environmental stresses do not effect this material like they would metal or wood. This synthetic material will not absorb water and moisture so furniture made with it will not rot, crack, or splinter. Over time, the surface of furniture will fade slightly, in an attractive way. You need not worry about waterproofing, staining, or painting this furniture when it is used in outdoor settings such as decks and patios. Because this material is man-made, it can be molded into countless shapes and forms of furniture.

What Kinds Of Furniture Can Be Made Of Composite Material?

This moldable material has the strength to be used to make many different furniture items. It can be made into seating pieces such as chairs and ottomans. Seating pieces made from this composite material can be topped with comfortable upholstered cushions or left as comfortable furniture without cushions. This material can be made into tables and benches or any other piece of furniture. In addition, whole decks can be made of this material. These deck boards are weather resistant and very low maintenance. Trellises, pergolas, and other outdoor structures can also be constructed of composite material.

Outdoor Storage

There are also deck storage spaces that can be built into or added to decks made of this composite, recycled material. These deck storage solutions will hide and hold all of the things you need to entertain guests in this outdoor living space. Drawers and conveniently sized storage containers look like furniture while they hold children’s toys, cooking utensils and other family belongings.

Good For The Environment

This recycled material is strong and weather resistant, but when a homeowner wants to upgrade or replace it, it is able to be recycled yet again. This furniture and decking material can be recycled several times, saving the environment from yet more waste hauled off to landfills. This well-designed, comfortable furniture lasts for a long time, giving the family up to 20 years of use.

The manufacturer of our composite material also helps the environment by taking part in Trees for the Future. This is a program where trees are planted in rural communities in the developing world for a sustainable future. The organization has planted more than 100 million trees around the world. When a customer purchases our furniture, a tree is planted by Trees for the Future. For more information, please call us today.

The Benefit of Experience

When homeowners look for a company to design and build decks, they look for one that is trusted by their neighbors and friends. To earn this trust, a deck builder must provide superior service. Only the most experienced companies are able to impress their customers so much they’re happy to refer their friends. Cost is also typically an important factor when embarking on a large home project like this. The designers at Custom Decks Inc. can give you a complimentary initial estimate so you can plan your budget for your new deck. You might just be surprised by how affordable adding a beautiful deck to your home can be.

Because of the commitment to make every customer satisfied, our work is guaranteed. Our deck builders have years of experience building all different sizes and styles of outdoor living spaces. You won’t have to limit your deck to the options in a builder’s portfolio. Your only limit is the available space and your imagination. If you want a feature that you don’t think will fit within your property limits, talk to the designer. It’s possible there are ways to fit in that feature into the design. Simply ask to see the before and after images of some of our work or drive around to get an up-close look at some of the decks we’ve created.